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Francois Guidon, Guitar Designer

In 1962, François Guidon starts designing and making solid body guitars. The following year, he makes Frendetr Telecaster copies ,  and Gibson Les Paul.  He   continues taking, at the same time   engineering classes which provides him with a sound technical background. In 1964, he becomes familiar with Jazz guitar design while visiting Jacobacci brothers. He confesses he learnt a lot just by standing in their workshop and sharing their work. In 1981, he repairs guitars in Percussion Musique Pigalle music store in Paris. Finally in 1983, he can start in own workshop, located in Victor Masse Street. In 1986, he creates 4 guitars that are displays during Paris Music Fair. In no time to come, such artists such as Marc Fosset ask him to create guitars for them. One of Italian/American guitar designer D'Angelico great fan, Francois pays tribute to him when creating in 1991 his first New Yorker Model. Francois' own Art Deco Logo, that decorates his guitars is a sign of his following this estestic trend. "When I am involved in a fair and meet new guitar designers bringing fresh ideas, I am confident in guitar design future. It is not on its way to disappear."

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